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Boudoir Outfits for your Photo Shoot…

A lot of my clients want to book a shoot, but they’re overwhelmed by choosing their boudoir outfits and where to shop. The best part about booking your session with Diamond Moon Boudoir, is that I walk you through every step of your wardrobe selection. 

Once you select the date for your session and pay your retainer fee, we’ll schedule an in-person wardrobe consultation. You’ll have access hundreds of pieces of brand-new lingerie in dozens of styles and colors, to try on in the comfort of my home studio. Together we will find the outfits that are most flattering to your figure.

If you still need to do some shopping after your wardrobe consultation, I’ll connect you with amazing resources, and I’ll act as your personal lingerie shopper 🙂

To help you get started, here are some quick tips:

boudoir photo woman's torso with elaborate tattoo
  • Choose jewel tones/primary/pastel colors. A great idea is to pick items that are your favorite/”signature” color. (Or for brides, the colors of your wedding!)
  • If you are self-conscious about your middle, bring at least one corset or bodysuit. Fitted clothing looks better, and we can show your curves without showing anything you’re not crazy about.
  • When choosing a corset, stick with a sweetheart neckline. A straight line at your bust will just deflate your girls instead of flattering them.
  • Bring a least one KILLER bra (with good support) and panty set.
  • Shapewear is often overlooked, and is a great option! It’s INCREDIBLY flattering and looks awesome in images. (Check out www.shapermint.com)
  • Layers and lace look great. Lingerie with lots of detail photographs beautifully.
  • Remember stockings and a garter belt. Quick note: I HATE thigh-highs. and I’ll share my tricks when it comes to stockings.
  • I have a Client Collection stocked with stiletto heels and other fun, glam props. You can check it all out at your wardrobe consultation and we’ll style the boudoir photo shoot of your dreams!

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