Why I Shoot Boudoir Photography

Why Boudoir Photography?

In truth, I talk about this all the time. If you have had a phone consultation with me, you’ve heard this. But I wanted to put into words why I shoot boudoir photography, so that those who have not yet connected with me personally can know my “why”.

Yes, there will be gorgeous photos. But boudoir is about so much MORE than that. It’s about self-acceptance, body positivity and art. It’s about getting pampered with glamorous makeup and hair styling, and laughing and having more fun than you ever expected. It’s about seeing yourself transform — from your wardrobe consultation, to your photo shoot to your image reveal, and walking out of the studio feeling beautiful. I believe that everyone deserves that.

How it Began…

I started shooting boudoir photography when a friend asked me to help her create a unique gift for her husband. I was familiar with the genre, but had never tried it, though I had tons of experience photographing actors and models – so we jumped in. I had no idea how to pose her, but we very shortly were having fun, and she LOVED her images. I remember her saying “I never knew I could look that pretty!” …and I was hooked. I could see how beautiful she was, even before our photoshoot, and I knew right then that I wanted to be that mirror for other women. To show them what I saw through my lens and to help them to connect with their strength and beauty.

The Transformation

The best part of this experience is the transformation that takes place when a client steps into the studio. The first time is their wardrobe consultation. For me, this is an essential part of our journey together, because clients are almost ALWAYS nervous to start the process. What I see happen most often is that ladies begin to relax, they love going through all the gorgeous, brand-new lingerie in my Client Closet, and when they find something that they love, they are surprised at how great they look and feel.

The next time they cross my threshold — for their photo shoot — they have had their hair and makeup done by my stylist in her salon and they arrive LOVING the way they look. Most still have some nerves, but when they step in front of the camera our first set is designed to help them get warmed up and begin to get comfortable and enjoy the process. As I capture images, I show my client the back of my camera and I always hear, “Who is THAT?” and “That’s not me!” 

As we progress through their shoot, I can see them start to “feel it” – to catch their vibe, laugh and get into their groove. By the time we wrap the shoot, the smiles are a mile wide, heads are held higher and confidence it oozing! (I always suggest to clients that they plan a fun afternoon or night out, to get the most out of their glamorous look and to ride the wave of feeling great.)

The third time they are back in the studio – for their image reveal – the nervousness is almost always gone and they are excited to see their photos. But they are still stunned when they see their finished images for the first time and can’t believe how beautiful they are. I have tissues handy, because my clients frequently do cry as they feel a weight lifted and see themselves from my perspective. They ALWAYS love many more images than they ever expected, have smiles from ear to ear and cannot wait to show their images to their friends and tell them what they just did.

black and white photo woman in white shirt and heels posing on chaise lounge

Yep…that’s me 🙂

A Little Piece of My Story

With every client, I have the impact of my work revealed to me. When I see them starting to really love themselves and their bodies, I am reminded to practice what I preach.

I’m 56 years old and have been blessed with a lithe frame my whole life. In all honesty, from my 20s on I was the hot girl, wearing a bikini into my late 40s with legs for days and a flat tummy. And then…menopause. My body changed and my skin started to get “crepey”. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT looking for any sympathy as I know I am still generally fit and have a figure that is nothing to complain about, but it is DIFFERENT and it’s an adjustment for me, when I look in the mirror.

Seeing myself and fully loving and accepting myself is a personal struggle. Full disclosure – I’ve been married three times and my last relationship and divorce had a significant and detrimental impact on my feelings of self-worth, confidence and beauty. 

But working with my clients always helps me to put things into perspective. As they find that self-acceptance and start loving themselves, I am reminded to do that for myself. And when I go live in my VIP group on Facebook, while I see the wrinkles and everything on camera, I also see a vibrant, joyful woman who LOVES her work and connecting with her clients. 

What do I love most about what I do? I love that photography is a time machine. When you look at your gorgeous images – next week, next year or 20 years from now – you will be instantly transported back to that experience and how you felt when those images were being created. And with boudoir photography, that feeling is all about celebrating your body and the true and perfect YOU. I am honored that my clients trust me with crafting this amazing experience with them. I am both humbled and proud to have the opportunity to help women to celebrate themselves and their bodies, through their struggles and their victories. I would LOVE to help to remind you that you are amazing.

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