Top 12 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Frequently Asked Questions

What Women Ask Us When They Inquire

While a boudoir photography session has all sorts of benefits, the thought of booking a session can be scary. I get asked lots of great questions while I am on phone consultations with potential clients and put together the top 12 boudoir frequently asked questions – and their answer!

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1. Do you share my images?

Not unless you ask me to share them.
The MOST important part of any photography experience – especially an intimate portrait session like boudoir – is being comfortable. Is it life-changing and empowering? Yes! But it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. When a client is in the early stages of their journey toward self-acceptance they may not be ready to share their images. Not to mention that many clients want to create more intimate images that are for their eyes only, or to share only with their spouse/significant other. There are many reasons that clients want to keep their images private, and so I only share images that you are comfortable with and I never share anything without your expressed, written consent.

2. Do I have to wear lingerie?

The short answer is “no”. If lacy things aren’t your vibe, there are lots of ways we can design a wardrobe for your photo shoot that really captures who YOU are.

Check out this blog post with some ideas for outfits. CLICK HERE

3. Do you have payment plans?

Because I hate for clients to leave ANY of their gorgeous images on the table, I offer a variety of payment options.

A retainer fee is required to book your shoot and secure your date, and you will select the images you love and choose product and print collections at your image reveal and ordering appointment. I accept credit cards and Affirm Credit, along with an in-house payment plan, and I offer a discount for cash payments over $1,000. If you would like to set up a plan to save up before your shoot, or learn more about all the payment options available, just let me know.

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4. Is hair and makeup included?

Yes, professional hair and makeup styling is included in all of our boudoir photo shoots. It’s a great way to start off the day of your shoot, to feel pampered and fussed over with glamorous makeup, strip lashes and gorgeous hair styling. My amazing stylist will help to complete your look, whether it’s a casual, “beachy” look, bold pin-up or full-on GLAM. If you have collected images that reflect the look you would like to achieve, we’ll incorporate those ideas into your styling session so you feel amazing and LOVE the way you look when you step in front of the camera.

5. Do you Photoshop my images?

What I do: edit for color, light and exposure, smooth skin and remove temporary things like blemishes and bruises.

What I DON’T do: edit “out” things that are a permanent part of you. Any journey toward self-acceptance involves seeing your beauty without altering your images to “remove” the things you’re not crazy about. If you are still learning to love some parts of yourself, that’s just fine! Choosing the most flattering wardrobe, and applying my skill in posing, lighting and image composition will bring out your very best!

6. Where should I buy outfits?

Depending on your style and the look you want to create for your shoot, there are a variety of places where I recommend my clients shop. But the first stop is always my studio, to shop my Client Collection. I stock hundreds of pieces of brand-new, gorgeous lingerie in dozens of different styles, colors and sizes When you find items that you love in my Collection, you leave with one piece as my gift and have the option of purchasing additional pieces.

Other great shopping options? Victoria’s Secret, AdoreMe, Hips & Curves, Torrid, Cacique, Forever Yours, eberjay, and always has great options. If you are having trouble finding a specific item or look, just be in touch and I will do my best to help you!

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7. What types of products of print products do you offer?

I offer a variety of albums, wall art and display products to suit any taste. Luxury, hand-bound albums and display boxes, traditional prints ready to frame, canvas and acrylic wall art and “speciality” items such as wall or desk calendars and “peep show” viewers.

Physical images – as prints, wall art or in an album – are an amazing and regular reminder of the positive impact of your boudoir photo shoot.

8. Do you offer digitals?

Every collection I offer includes print products in some form, and many collections include digital image files. My a la carte menu also offers the option to add-on digital files, a SmartPhone app or custom, digital slide show to your collection. Depending on the options you choose, digital products may be delivered via a password-protected download or on a crystal USB drive.

9. I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Being nervous on some level is completely normal. I mean, who does this? My clients all tell me that they were more comfortable with the whole experience after their wardrobe consultation – seeing where we shoot, meeting me in person and trying on gorgeous lingerie. You’ll start to relax while sitting in the makeup chair as the stylist does your hair and makeup, and most of your remaining nerves will melt away as we get a set or two into your shoot. Clients almost always tell me that they feel silly for having been so nervous, because they ended up having so much fun.

So…nervous is normal. You’ll be great!

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10. How many outfits should I bring?

During your session I will shoot 4-6 different looks. I always encourage clients to bring more than they need and I will help them pick the best outfits to create a variety of looks and to complement any of my glam props that you might be using. Much of this planing is also addressed during your in-person wardrobe consultation.

11. Should I get to my shoot early?

Make sure you arrive on time, but if you arrive early, please send a text and let us know you’re here. I’ll come to get you as soon as we are ready, but I might be grabbing a quick bite or finishing up another commitment before your session. Our stylist typically arrives about 10 minutes before your scheduled start time, so as soon as she is ready we will get started.

12. Where is your studio located?

I shoot out of my home studio, which is located in the Tates Creek/New Circle area of Lexington, KY. This provides a comfortable environment that helps my clients to relax, my stylist lives nearby – and you can park in the driveway. 🙂

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