The Self Love Sessions: Susan

What are The Self Love Sessions? A unique, boudoir photography experience that incorporates journaling exercises and community involvement to build self-esteem and self-acceptance. Participants were given the option of being included in a magazine and gallery-style exhibit/magazine launch party. Season One ran from February through August 2023, culminating in a wonderful celebration in our new studio location at the end of September.

We’re sharing the stories of our participants, Here is Susan’s story 🙂

My story is typical for a Kentucky farm girl. Raised by a strong woman who took care of everyone. I was always taught to be humble, quiet, and behave. The fun of having older parents.

I was bullied and I allowed myself to have a very low self esteem that people took advantage of. Especially the males in my life. I’ve never taken time for myself or taken pride in myself. A sin you know, but at this stage in my life I’m looking at what I’ve survived, including rape and an abusive husband. I love the fact I have the courage to go head to head with the men I work with and have their respect with what I can accomplish. I want to show others that you have to take time for yourself and love the scars you have. They each tell stories and the stretch marks are there as victories, too.

In September I attended the flagship event launching The Self Love Sessions: Season One magazine. What an amazing time!
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