The Self Love Sessions: Mary Ann

What are The Self Love Sessions? A unique, boudoir photography experience that incorporates journaling exercises and community involvement to build self-esteem and self-acceptance. Participants were given the option of being included in a magazine and gallery-style exhibit/magazine launch party. Season One ran from February through August 2023, culminating in a wonderful celebration in our new studio location at the end of September.

We’re sharing the stories of our participants, Here is Mary Ann’s story 🙂

Last year I went through the worst time of my life. My husband of 23 years, decided alcohol meant more to him than our marriage, and beat me up the week before Christmas. After the New Year, he came back, and violated a DVO multiple times. He was finally arrested and placed in jail where he deserved to be. But it took a lot from me.

I realized I had been verbally and emotionally mistreated and abused for most of our marriage.

I believe my biggest fear before doing the photo shoot was that I would look ridiculous. I believed I would look fat, ugly, and embarrassing. Because those were things that had been drilled into me.

Now, after the photo shoot, I feel empowered, sexy and like I am worthy of being who I am and that I am really proud of that person.

In September I attended the flagship event launching The Self Love Sessions: Season One magazine. What an amazing time!

blond woman in blue lingerie reclining in claw foot tub

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