The Self Love Sessions: Faith

What are The Self Love Sessions? A unique, boudoir photography experience that incorporates journaling exercises and community involvement to build self-esteem and self-acceptance. Participants were given the option of being included in a magazine and gallery-style exhibit/magazine launch party. Season One ran from February through August 2023, culminating in a wonderful celebration in our new studio location at the end of September.

We’re sharing the stories of our participants, starting with Faith 🙂

I contacted Diamond Moon Boudoir to reclaim myself and my confidence….At the time, I had no idea that The Self Love Sessions were even a thing!

In 2021, I was the victim of the unimaginable – a fire that left me with 3rd/4th degree burns over my entire torso, arms, hands, neck and head. The first few months were focused on keeping me alive and I’ve had dozens of surgeries. Recovery has been tough, but as a member of burn survivor groups, I really felt compelled to do SOMETHING significant to be SEEN. A boudoir photo session seemed like a really gusty thing to do!

Prior to the attack, I was a young, “traditionally beautiful” young woman of 23. Two years after the fact, I was trying to locate ME again. I honestly wanted to do this session for ME, and for everyone else out there who has had something alter their appearance….to remind people that we are worthy of feeling good and beautiful, and that we deserve to be seen.

Well, I picked the right photographer. We clicked immediately, and my images are incredibly beautiful!

Kat took the care with my wardrobe, posing and retouching to show me in the most positive light, while respecting the scars that commemorate the life-saving journey my body has taken me through.

I look at my photos daily and relish in the confidence and strength I get from them.

In September I spoke at the flagship event launching The Self Love Sessions: Season One magazine. What an amazing time!
You can view Faith’s remarks here

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