Experience Boudoir Photography in Lexington

We’re very excited to see you doing something for YOURSELF. So often we place the needs of others above our own, and at Diamond Moon Boudoir we feel that it is critically important to take time for our own self-care. 

Why Choose Boudoir?

Women choose a luxury boudoir photography session with Diamond Moon Boudoir for many reasons.

Do any of these apply to you?

  • To celebrate a milestone – a “big” birthday, promotion, fitness goal
  • To appreciate the body that you are in, NO MATTER what
  • To pamper yourself!
  • To recognize and remember that you are as sexy as EVER
  • To be kind to yourself and quiet that ever-present inner critic (we all have one!)
  • To see yourself from a fresh perspective
  • To build your confidence
  • To step out of your comfort zone – who does this?!?
  • To put yourself FIRST, splurge on yourself and feel AMAZING
  • Because life changes. Things change. Our bodies change.
  • Because you deserve to feel good about yourself

How Does It Work?

When you schedule your free phone consultation using the links you’ll find on this page (or just send us an email or text message) someone from our studio will share all the details and answer your questions. But sometimes we need to know a little bit more about what we’re getting into….right?


The Consultation

Getting started on your boudoir journey is easy. Every client engagement starts with a 15 minute phone consultation that you can schedule by clicking the links you’ll find on this page, or just sending us an email or text. Someone from the studio will share all the details, answer your questions and discuss your vision for your perfect boudoir photo session. Have your calendar and credit card ready so we can get you scheduled!


Getting Ready

Once you’re booked, we’ll schedule your wardrobe consultation. If you are able to visit the studio for this appointment, you will have access to hundreds of pieces of brand-new lingerie, luxury props and accessories and our exclusive preparation guides and email tips to get you ready for an amazing photo session. When you have questions leading up to your scheduled day, we’re just an email, text or phone call away.


Your Photo Session

It’s the day of your boudoir session! Are you nervous? Probably, but don’t worry – that’s normal! You’ll start with relaxing beauty services – makeup and hairstyling by our talented staff – anything from soft and understated to big and BOLD! Then, when you step in front of the camera, we are experts at posing every body type and will guide you through the entire process. Trust us…you are going to have fun! And, we’ll look at the back of the camera as we work so you can see the amazing images we are creating.


Your Artwork

After your session is complete, you’ll see your gorgeous images in about a week. We’ll select the best images from your boudoir session and they will be professionally retouched and ready to be sent to our world-class partners in photographic printing. At your ordering appointment, we’ll select your favorite images and products. Of course we have samples of all of the incredible options we offer! Once your order is placed and paid for, digital products are delivered the same day and print products are delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Why Go With Diamond Moon Boudoir?

Why now and why us? At Diamond Moon Boudoir, boudoir photography is ALL WE DO.
We are dedicated to serving women and shaking up “traditional” definitions of beauty.

Because we believe that EVERY woman deserves to feel beautiful.

To feel complete. To feel that she is ENOUGH.

Your CURATED boudoir photography experience includes these studio service

Free Phone Consultation

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The Photo Shoot

  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Cient Closet
  • Dedicated Boudoir Studio
  • Professional Hair and Makeup Styling
  • Luxe Accessories and Props

The Images

  • Professional Image Retouching
  • Curated Image Reveal
  • Ordering Session
  • 100% Private

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Need More Info

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Need More Info?

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