My Favorite Boudoir Photo Session Props

Boudoir Props to Make Your Images Shine!

Doing a boudoir photo session can feel a little intimidating at first. For many of my clients, just taking that first step to have a phone consultation with me can be a big deal, and I completely understand! As we discuss wardrobe and what to wear, most ladies will ask about the extras – accessories and props. I’ll talk about accessories in a separate post, because I feel that boudoir props are a COMPLETELY different thing.

Here is a sampling of some of my FAVORITE props to make YOUR boudoir photo session especially memorable.

Sports Jersey

Whether it’s your favorite team, or that of your special someone’s, a sports jersey can add a fun, playful element to your images. Not a sports fan? Just an article of your SO’s clothing will do the trick!

boudoir props black woman wearing sports jersey


A trashy romance or a beloved tome can add a romantic element to your photo session. A book could be propped up on your body or just give you something to do with your hands. Not into reading? Maybe this inspires you to bring along something else?

blonde woman in black t shirt with graphic novel


I LOVE hats. His hat….your hat…Derby hats…cowboy hats….HARD HATS!! I love them ALL.

Organic Things!

Anything from nature that is meaningful to you can have a significant impact. Flowers, fruit…

If you LOVE what you do for a living….if it’s a calling, and not just a “job”, including something from work can create a strong, personal bond with your photo session.

boudoir props woman in white lab coat with stethascope

Handcuffs 🙂

Playful restraints can tempt and tease. You can go tame with fur-lined cuffs, or let you imagination lead you.

Burlesque Fans and Feather Boas

I LOVE using props that can be used to hide parts of your body to imply nudity. Many of my clients want to push their comfort zone, but aren’t ready to take that BIG leap…fans and boas can be classy AND sexy.

boudoir props bald woman with black feather boa

Angel Wings!

The crowning jewels of my studio are my luxury Angel Wings. I have four (4) sets – Black Rooster Feathers, Ivory Rooster Feathers, Blush Ostrich Feathers and Peacock Blue Ostrich/Eye of Peacock Feathers. Dark and moody….light and airy….or Vegas showgirl….I’ve got you!

Does this get your creative juices flowing? Awesome!

And then, are you wondering….”how do I manage to find all of this and bring it to my session?”

No worries! I have a lot of these props! Angel wings, feather boas and fans, playful handcuffs…you just need to bring items that you connect with on a personal level.

I hope that you can already begin to imagine the AMAZING experience you are going to have when you are in my studio for your boudoir photo session, and the incredible images we are going to create together.

Haven’t yet booked your session? Just click the links below to send in a question or get in touch. I’m looking forward to working with you 🙂

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