My Favorite Boudoir Photo Session Accessories

Taking that First Step!

Doing a boudoir photo session can feel a little intimidating at first. For many of my clients, just taking that first step to have a phone consultation with me can be a big deal, and I completely understand! As we discuss wardrobe and what to wear, most ladies will ask about the extras – accessories and props. I’ll talk about boudoir accessories in this post, because I feel that props are a COMPLETELY different thing. (And I covered PROPS HERE)

Here is a sampling of some of my FAVORITE accessories to make YOUR boudoir photo session especially memorable.


My BFF and I used to have Tiara Tuesdays when we lived close to each other – something that I REALLY like to lean into with clients in the studio. I have several – wonderful Amazon finds I think every woman should seek out. I love using them with my brides, and I have my favorite “straightening your crown” pose.

Long Strings of Pearls

Whether you choose a single strand or a layered look (made popular by the timeless Coco Chanel) pearls are a gorgeous addition to your ensemble. And they give. you something interesting to do with your hands!

Statement Jewelry

Big, bold pieces that you love are always a great addition to your session. Any jewelry is, honestly. I always just remind clients to bring pieces they LOVE, that hold meaning for them. Don’t feel that you have to accessorize every outfit…I can help with all of that 🙂

Masks and Blindfolds

Looking at the images clients have authorized me to share, it would appear that I have a big gap in this department – but these can be fun and playful accessories to add some spice to your session.

Veils and Bridal Garters

My brides typically use the accessories that I have on hand – to keep theirs clean and perfect. However, I do have brides who do a boudoir shoot well AFTER their wedding. Some have even brought in their wedding gown….this can be even more impactful if they had a small ceremony, due to the pandemic.

Body Jewelry and Chains

A gorgeous metal accent with a sexy, bejeweled panty can create stunning and timeless images for your session. Those pictured here are items I have in the studi ofor you to borrow.

Jackets and Wraps

I love pairing lingerie with the unexpected – a fun faux fur, denim or leather jacket, or a gorgeous wrap. They all look so amazing in your photos!

The Shoes!

Spiky stiletto heels are something that most of my clients do NOT have. I DO! But I also adore it when clients arrive with shoes or boots that they love.
From classic black patent leather to cowboy boots to my red bottoms. (and I have sizes from 6 to 11in those…) While it may seem treacherous to perch on 4 inch heels, we keep an eye on safety and comfort, and they just make EVERYONE’S legs look AMAZING!

Glamour Dressing Gowns!

These gorgeous dressing gowns have quickly become my favorite accessory to photograph. I affectionately refer to them as the “I shot my rich husband” dressing robes…..and from there, I feel that most clients understand the theme.  They are wonderful, flowing, incredible accessories — and I have 4 of them! Wine Red, Dusty Blue, Purple with Black Maribou Feathers and Ivory with Ivory Maribou Feathers. Something for everyone!

Does this get your creative juices flowing? Awesome!

And then, are you wondering….”how do I manage to find all of this and bring it to my session?”

No worries! I have a lot of these props! Angel wings, feather boas and fans, playful handcuffs…you just need to bring items that you connect with on a personal level.

I hope that you can already begin to imagine the AMAZING experience you are going to have when you are in my studio for your boudoir photo session, and the incredible images we are going to create together.

Haven’t yet booked your session? Just click the links below to send in a question or get in touch. I’m looking forward to working with you 🙂

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