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boudoir photography girl sitting on the floor wearing black tank top looking at the camera seductively

If you’re a frequent visitor to my blog, you hear me say all the time – my clients each have very different reasons for booking a luxury boudoir experience with me. And I also like to remind everyone that the ladies on my website are everyday women – wives, mothers, working gals – not models. At least, not when I first photographed them…

Ms. S came to her photoshoot filled with anxiety about how she would look in her photos, being a plus-sized gal. Two years after leaving an abusive situation, she was finally in a healthy relationship with an incredibly supportive partner and on the brink of launching an exciting new career.

Here’s her story:

1. This was your first time in front of a camera, correct? How was your time with Kat?

Yes, this was my first photo shoot. I was most interested in having a session with Kat to explore different types and styles of photography, since I was considering getting into modeling. When I arrived at Kat’s studio – which is in her home – I was really anxious. Coming to a new place and having only spoken with her on the phone, since I live over an hour away. But she answered all of my questions prior to our session and when I got there and walked into her home, I immediately felt comfortable. From my first step into her studio, I felt that all of her energy was focused on helping me to relax and have fun.

2. Why did you do a boudoir session?

As I said, I was considering starting a career as a plus-sized model, and I figured having photos like this would be essential to my portfolio. But, I had no idea how important this work with Kat would be. She gave me a ton of guidance on how to deal with contracts and model releases, and what to ask photographers for future sessions. Plus, it was an absolute blast!

boudoir photography girl in black tank top sitting on the floor looking away

3. What was your biggest fear going into your session?

That I thought I would look awful. I had never done a photo shoot, and being a bigger girl, I thought my images would not be good. But I loved my session, and Kat showed me some images during our shoot which really improved my confidence level. I saw just how amazing I looked and then I relaxed and started to have fun!

4. What was your favorite part of the experience?

That Kat made me feel so comfortable, and really sexy. I wasn’t expecting that! I thought I would show up and have to know what to do and how to pose, which was why I was so anxious when I arrived. But she took care of all of that. She gave me guidance and tips that I have carried into sessions that I have done since working with her. None of the photographers I have worked with since my shoot with Kat have guided me in ANY way during our session. Her artistry is truly a gift.

5. Was the experience what you expected?

Not at all! I did not expect to show up and have someone who was so interested in putting me at ease and guiding me through a photo shoot. I did not expect to feel so pampered and lifted up. After my experience with Kat, and seeing my gorgeous images, I felt empowered to push forward with my dream to have a career as a plus-sized model. And, I honestly didn’t expect to have so much fun, or to leave my session feeling like I could take on the world. It was an amazing feeling.

6. Is there anything you would change about your experience?

When I go back – and I will – I would love to have some photos taken outdoors. Kat has a beautiful yard in back, and having some outdoor options would be fun. So, just having more photos, really!

7. What would you say to someone considering a luxury boudoir experience with Kat?

Oh, just do it! Use the Diamond Reserve, if you need to save up in advance to make sure you can purchase every image that you LOVE. It’s an investment in yourself. You’ll have an incredible time, feel like a super-model and absolutely LOVE your images. Kat doesn’t show you anything that you won’t HAVE to have. Really.

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