Ms. M’s Boudoir Experience

Ms. M's Boudoir Experience

Ms. M Shares the Story of her Boudoir Photo Shoot

“Yes!” was the immediate answer that I got from Ms. M. when I asked if she would write about her boudoir experience with my studio,  Diamond Moon Boudoir. For her to have shared all of this has truly touched my heart. Here is her story…

Isn’t she lovely…..

First things first, before I ever even thought about scheduling a boudoir shoot, I never considered myself to be someone who had the guts or self confidence to go through with a full shoot. All my life I have experienced intense anxieties and self-doubt, I was always the girl who was afraid to be noticed. Like many of us, I was never happy with who I saw looking back at me in the mirror, as all I could see were the few imperfect things I couldn’t change. Even after going to the gym 5 days a week, I never saw the positive progress I was making, but instead only focused on the parts of me that weren’t improving yet.

In this day and age, we don’t take the necessary time for ourselves, because sadly self-care is not high on our priority list. We put all of our energy into other people, taking care of others and letting others know they are loved and beautiful. However, when we are on the receiving end of a compliment we don’t believe it and tell ourselves “they’re just being nice” or “they don’t really mean that”. as they always say “you are your own worst critic”.

I was tired of always giving myself a hard time, never doing something just for me. It was time for a change, something to get me out of my comfort zone. I hit the internet, looking through every way that women were learning to love themselves and browsing one website after another — I finally came to Diamond Moon Boudoir! I saw all those gorgeous pictures of ladies on Kat’s website, and every girl looked so confident and flawless. I read through her reviews and found many girls learned to love themselves after going through with a boudoir shoot with Kat. I sooo craved that feeling.

I sent Kat a message through her website, I asked probably a million questions and she was very sweet and happy to answer every one!. After some talking on the phone, we agreed to a wardrobe consultation to begin the process of the shoot and set a date for the shoot itself. I came by her studio for the consultation, belly full of butterflies. She greeted me with such professionalism and kindness that it was easy for me to open up and even start having fun just a few minutes in. I never felt uncomfortable or pressured. After trying on quite a few gorgeous pieces of lingerie, I picked out 2 gorgeous outfits from her collection. THEN I began my shopping spree at Victoria’s Secret — which felt a little awkward, but was also a LOT of fun, since I’ve never really been lingerie shopping before. 🙂

On the day of my shoot I went to Kat’s amazing hair and makeup stylist, Sade, who was also very sweet and fun. She asked me how I wanted everything done and she exceeded my expectations! She made me feel like a movie star and I left her salon already feeling lovely. I hadn’t gotten anything like that done since prom in high school. Walking into the studio, hair and makeup done, nails done, large bag full of lingerie and high heels at the ready, Kat welcomed me in with multiple gorgeous sets and I completely lost all of my anxieties about the day. Set after set, pose after pose, I really opened up and discovered a side of myself I didn’t even know I had. Kat gave me a sneak peek at a few of the pictures on the back of her camera and I couldn’t believe it was really me! Every moment was an absolute blast, and by the end I felt over the moon. I walked out of that studio with more bounce in my step than ever before.

Coming back into the studio for my image reveal was just icing on the cake. My photos were breathtaking and I just loved SO many of them. I just picked up my album, products and prints and I just can’t believe how gorgeous everything is, and the QUALITY is beyond any expectation!

Kat did an amazing job with everything. She helps you see yourself in a new light, one of self-love. I have to admit, I love my pictures even more than my boyfriend does! This whole experience helped me realize that anyone can learn to love themselves. You just need to get out of your comfort zone — and if I can do that, anyone can! Since going through this whole experience — my photo shoot and seeing my images —  I’ve been taking the extra time every day for self-care and I’ve never felt better.

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