I Needed This Confidence Boost!:
Lexington, Kentucky

Ms. J. - Regaining My Confidence!

Each of my clients is important and special, but Ms. J Is kind of special.  She’s been in my VIP group since the middle of 2020, and we’ve been talking about a shoot since then.

When she reached out to me at 10pm on a weeknight, about three months after our first conversation, to say she was ready to pay her retainer and book her shoot, I was happily surprised.

Her motivation was clear – She had lost her connection to who she was and needed this shoot to reconnect with her power and confidence. We then had an amazing shoot and I was so excited to show her the gorgeous images that we had created…and she suffered a heart attack.

Almost two months after the image reveal and ordering appointment we and originally scheduled, Ms. J came to my studio with her best friend, and was blown away by what she saw. This is why I love the work that I do…please read more about her experience.


Have you ever done a boudoir photo shoot? If so, how did your shoot with Kat compare?

I have never done a boudoir shoot, but it has been on my “bucket list” for quite some time. I have intended to do something like this for a while.

Why did you do your boudoir photo shoot?

I finally decided to do it for me. I had also followed Kat on her social media for a while, and felt comfortable with that I read and heard about her. I love listening to her FB live broadcasts and feel that she has a very soothing voice and way about her that helped me to feel comfortable.

What was your favorite part of your session?

The way that Kat makes it so easy. She helps you to pose and is right there with you to get the best possible shot. She gets down on the floor with you!


What did doing this shoot do for your self-confidence, self-worth and self-image? Tell me your story.

I have been married for a very long time, and the last few years have not been so good. Living with someone who puts you down all the time truly wreaks havoc on your self esteem and your confidence – and even your self worth! Doing this shoot reminded me of my worth. I am a sexy woman and I need to remember that, and know that if there is a problem, it is his – not mine. I find myself walking with more confidence these days 🙂


Was your experience what you were expecting? If not, what was different?

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a nervous wreck before my wardrobe consultation, but then Kat immediately put me at ease. I was still nervous before my photo shoot, but again, Kat helped to ease my nerves. So overall, I would say that my experience was amazing, and a lot more fun, more relaxing and exciting than I ever would have imagined it would be.

What was the best part of your experience? Would you change anything?

I would not change a thing, except to calm my own nerves. I was so surprised by my photos at my image reveal – not for Kat’s part, but I just didn’t think I would come across as gorgeous as I did. 

Is there anything else that you would like us to know?

I cannot wait to book another session. With my nerves settled, I think the experience will be even better than my first!


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