Ms A -- Feeling Fine After A C-Section
boudoir photography girl in army green top an electric blue heels laying on white sheets smiling

Ms A — Feeling Fine After A C-Section

Diamond Moon Boudoir | Lexington, Kentucky

boudoir photography girl in army green top an electric blue heels laying on white sheets smiling
She’s feeling great now!

Folks, I know that I say it all the time – every time I finish a shoot or a reveal, I love my job. Honestly. Every time.

I love seeing the look on my client’s face and hearing how their photo session changed how they see themselves. It’s truly amazing and makes me feel as good as they do. My session with Ms. A was just like that.

As we were planning her boudoir experience, Ms. A shared with me that the delivery of her second child had been very difficult and had left her with a substantial scar from a vertical C-Section incision. She didn’t feel very sexy because of it.

We planned her wardrobe to ensure that her true beauty and best assets were showcased, and she left with some gorgeous images to cherish, and a renewed self-esteem to build upon. Read more to learn how this shoot impacted her life:

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1. Have you done a boudoir shoot before? How did your experience with Kat compare?

This was my first time in front of a camera in about 15 years. I just haven’t felt like having my photograph taken, but I knew it was time to start getting reconnected with me. I truly felt really comfortable when I arrived. All the preparation and conversations leading up to my session had answered my questions, and I was excited to get started. Kat shot with her camera tied to her laptop, so I was able to see some of my images as they were captured, and that really juiced up my confidence – seeing how great my photos looked.

2. Why did you do a boudoir shoot?

For a couple of reasons…I haven’t felt really sexy since my daughter was born. It was a difficult delivery that required a vertical C-Section incision. Healing from that was slow and painful, and it left a scar and a belly that is not toned. My daughter is three now, and I thought it was time to feel like the person I was before.

3. What was your favorite part of the experience?

Seeing my photos! OMG! They are stunning and I felt so amazing. The time in front of the camera was a blast and I felt like a super model. And hair and makeup was fun. Kat gives you options – use her stylist, or bring your own. I chose to bring my best friend/roommate, who is also a stylist. It was such a great way to feel pampered and be totally relaxed leading up to stepping into the studio.

4. Was the experience what you expected?

No. It was so much more. Kat is truly an artist. As she was guiding me to pose and changing her angles ever so slightly, the resulting images were just crazy amazing. I didn’t expect to feel so comfortable, or so natural. And I didn’t expect that it would be that much fun.

5. Is there anything you would change?

For sure, I would have planned to invest more money from the beginning. Kat promised me that I would love all my images, and it was really hard to narrow it down. I really want to do another session soon!

boudoir photography girl wearing black top laying on white sheets looking up at camera

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