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Boudoir Wardrobe Options That Never Fail!
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Consider me your personal lingerie shopper!

If you have followed my blog, or you are a member of my ladies-only VIP group on Facebook, (JOIN HERE) you know that I am a strong advocate of body positivity and that I often remind my group members that boudoir photography is for EVERY woman.

I have clients ranging from size 0 to size 5x. They are all beautiful and I love working with each one of them. Shopping for their boudoir outfits is always the biggest question they have, but I’m there to help!

We stock a wide selection of brand new, gorgeous lingerie that we source from wholesalers. When you come in for your wardrobe consultation, you’ll try on outfits and leave with your favorite as our gift – with the option of purchasing additional outfits. If we still need to find looks for your shoot, check out some of my favorites here…

Basics! Here’s a link to my favorite, cheeky, lacy panties. They pair with corsets and take the place of g-strings that reveal too much 🙂

Bodysuits…we love them! This is a style we adore that works well with lots of  figures, but you can search for other options, as well.

Stockings! They add another dimension to your wardrobe. I just buy pantyhose and cut the legs off for that raw-edged, vintage look.

A chemise is the perfect choice if you want san outfit that hugs your curves and covers below the hip. Check out this one.

Body jewelry is an amazing option for your boudoir session. We have some great pieces in our Luxe Closet, but if you’d like to have your own, check this out. 🙂 

Sheer and unstructured outfits can be the perfect choice for some figures, but lack support up top. Silicone lifts and boob tape are great options!

Corsets and bustiers are fun for your shoot. We have a few in the Client Closet, but this satin beauty is available in a variety of colors and never fails to flatter.

Bras and panty sets with garters are a popular and flattering choice. I love this set.

Structured bodysuits with more support are perfect for curvier clients who need a little lift. We love the jewel tones 🙂

A skirted bodysuit is another great way to highlight your favorite features while providing just a little more coverage.

A glamorous, jewel-encrusted bustier can set your wardrobe apart and add some 🔥 to your shoot. Search for “Ellacci” —  a brand with some stunning options.

Shapewear is perfect for a boudoir photo shoot – on its own, of under your outfit to ensure a smooth silhouette. 

Need Ideas?

Download the free planner to get some outfit ideas and a preview of what to expect!

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