Ms. J’s Boudoir Journey

Ms. J’s Boudoir Jouney: Lexington, Kentucky A Long Time Coming! First of all….I’m going to enjoy telling this gal’s story.  Ms. J contacted me in June of 2020, interested in doing a session to help her heal through some very personal stuff. We chatted by phone a couple of times, discussing all the details, and […]

MORE Frequently Asked Questions

MORE Frequently Asked Questions We’ve Got Answers! Oh…I know! You’ve got questions. Of course you do! Most of my clients have NEVER done a boudoir photo session before, and many have yet to even have a phone consultation with a professional photographer. So, if you are like any of them, you have a ton of […]

My Favorite Boudoir Photo Session Props

My Favorite Boudoir Photo Session Props Taking that First Step! Doing a boudoir photo session can feel a little intimidating at first. For many of my clients, just taking that first step to have a phone consultation with me can be a big deal, and I completely understand! But that is why I LOVE talking […]

Ms. K In the Studio!

Ms K In the Studio – Shining Bright: Lexington, Kentucky I Did It For ME! I truly LOVE the relationships that I develop with my clients. Most ladies walk away from the studio as my friend….and that’s completely true for Ms. K. From our first phone conversation, there was a connection. We laughed and made […]

Ms. K in the Studio

Ms. K in the Studio: Lexington, Kentucky Ms. K – Feeling Alive and Beautiful Again! If you have followed my blog, or you are a member of my ladies-only VIP group on Facebook, (JOIN HERE) you know that I am a strong advocate of body positivity and that I often remind my group members that […]

Amanda’s Boudoir Testimonial

Amanda’s Boudoir Testimonial: Lexington, Kentucky Give a Listen as Amanda shares her experience 🙂 When I asked Amanda to share a video testimonial, she was quick to respond. Please listen as she shares her experience! Join The Boudoir Community Online… Want to be part of our All-Female, online community? It’s a place for all our […]

In the Studio with Ms. S.

In the Studio with Ms. S.: Lexington, Kentucky A gift for husband…AND wife! Every one of my client sessions is different, special and a lot of fun. For my client, and for me. Ms. S was no exception. We were laughing in no time, and she left her session floating on air. The real fun […]

Akira’s Boudoir Session: Resilient Beauty

Akira’s Boudoir Session: Resilient Beauty Lexington, Kentucky This was such an amazing opportunity! In June 2021 I embarked on a special project, with little understanding of how profoundly it would impact me and my business. I launched a Giveaway – awarding a boudoir photo session to those who would share their stories and experiences, the […]

Rachel’s Boudoir Testimonial

Rachel’s Boudoir Testimonial: Lexington, Kentucky Give a Listen as Rachel shares her experience 🙂 Clients have lots of reasons for wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot, but there is one thing most everyone has in common — nerves! It’s totally normal, but I promise you won’t feel that way for long. Please listen as […]

Kristina’s Boudoir Session: Standing Strong

Kristina’s Boudoir Session: Standing Strong! Lexington, Kentucky This boudoir photo session was very special for me…and for my client! Kristina was selected as one of the winners of my first ever Giveaway back in July, and I knew it as soon as I hung up the phone after her finalist interview. She shared her story […]