Boudoir Transformations
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Women of every age, size, shape and color deserve to experience these amazing, glamorous boudoir transformations.

I know what you’re thinking….

Kat, I could NEVER look like the women on your website. They look like models who know how to do their hair and makeup and how to pose…

Well…these women are just like YOU. They are every day ladies who have chosen to validate themselves with a luxury boudoir photography session with Diamond Moon Boudoir – and their before and after boudoir photography transformations are incredible!

Be sure to check out our “About Boudoir” page to learn all about our process and how we work with our clients, but scroll down through these images to see the beautiful transformations our clients have experienced when entrusting their “look” to our talented stylists.

Every client is different – you may want a soft, subtle, “no-makeup” look, or a big, bold style.

Regardless – look at each one of these gorgeous lady’s “Everyday Beauty” photos…then check out one of their professional boudoir photos. And the transformation doesn’t end there – our clients all tell us that they see themselves differently after their boudoir photo session, too!

boudoir before and after transformation

Ms. M’s Before and After Boudoir Transformation

When Ms. M came to the studio, she wanted to reconnect with the ultra-feminine side of herself. Her marriage and toddler were wonderful, but they were not reminding her of who she was as a woman – outside of being a wife and mother.
Throughout the process of selecting her wardrobe and her complete styling – from head to toe – we saw her blossom into the incredible woman she was all along.

Showing Ms. M her gorgeous images was a pivotal moment in seeing her truly LOVE herself.

Boudoir Photography before and after transformation
As of November 2022, Judy has been in the studio three times – and there is no sign of stopping her! She shares in our Facebook VIP group and through Google reviews just how much her boudoir photography sessions with Diamond Moon Boudoir have positively shaped how she sees herself.
Judy is an INCREDIBLE ambassador for our studio and shares and encourages EVERY women to step into their personal beauty through a studio boudoir photo session.
Boudoir photography before and after transformation
OMGeee….I love this lady. Ms. T came to the studio to celebrate a milestone birthday – with her own tiara and all the trappings! Her images came out as absolute FIRE and her confidence was off the charts when she left the studio. We hope she will return in the future, because, DAMN!!
Blonde woman before and after
Ms. M has been a huge fan of the studio since her first visit in 2021…and she has returned two more times! She has completely embraced the experience and is a lingerie junkie, at this point. Buying all sorts of gorgeous intimate outfits and feeling amazing about all of it!

We LOVE seeing the pieces that Ms. M selects, and how she FEELS about herself when aligning her self-image with each new piece of intimate apparel. She’s an absolute GODDESS – and we hope she knows it 🙂

Boudoir phtography before and after transformation
Ms. A is a studio favorite. This gorgeous gal has SHOWN UP both times she has been in front of the camera in our studio. As an artist, I am thrilled and inspired by the energy and beauty this incredible woman has shared, encouraging other women to see their own before and after boudoir transformation. Each of Ms. A’s sessions has resulted in a completely different look — and I’m here for ALL of it!
Girl with green hair in holiday corset before and after
WE LOVE this girl! Ms. P is our main stylist, and she delivers incredibly beautiful hair and makeup for our clients. It was my absolute pleasure to get this girl in front of the camera, and she did NOT disappoint. Ms. P could give a Master Class in “soft hands” and posing….she is SOOOO natural. And the images we created together are GLORIOUS!!
Boudoir photography before and after transformation
Ms. C was reluctant to even step into the studio for the first time – and now she has been here 3X. Concern about wardrobe and how her body and her perceived “problem areas” would look on camera kept her from jumping in front of the camera for YEARS.

Check out her gorgeous images — she has been happy and confident to get back into the studio since her first boudoir photography session, and her before and after boudoir transformations are inspiring.

side bt side same woman in hoodie and in red and black lingerie
This girl in on FIRE!!

Totally love her and her bestie — who came through the experience together.

Ms. B came into the boudoir photography experience with her BFF – they booked their sessions and scheduled for the same week. These amazing best friends cheered each other on throughout their sessions and reveled in their gorgeous images — together.

boudoir transformation side by side before and after
Ms. Y. brought such a beautiful energy to her boudoir experience with Diamond Moon Boudoir. From our first interaction at her wardrobe consultation, her effervescent personality lit up the studio AND her before and after boudoir transformation had the entire team smiling. Reconnecting with herself was Ms. Y’s motivation, and when she saw her gorgeous images it was “mission accomplished”.
side by side same woman in blue t shirt and purple lingerie
Ms. D is a QUEEN! She and her bestie encouraged each other through their individual before and after boudoir transformations and the results of each of their sessions were incredible.
When you check out our luxury album samples in the studio, you’ll recognize Ms. D, as she has given permission to use her images for print products.

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