Boudoir Gift Ideas!

Boudoir photos are an amazing gift – for you and for your special someone!

I have clients come to the studio for their boudoir photo sessions for many reasons. Most if the time it’s to tap into their inner goddess and channel the strong, amazing woman that was always there. Even so, many are looking for fun, boudoir gift ideas, too. Regardless of their initial impulse – ladies always tell me that their boudoir photo session ended up being a gift to themselves. And I LOVE that!

BUT….when you have an occasion coming up, and a partner who may be hard to shop for, I’m here to help! Maybe it’s a special anniversary, or a wedding gift, or a holiday or birthday gift. So many times I have clients who come to me saying that their partner has EVERYTHING and that a boudoir gift helps them to elevate their gift giving!

Whatever it was that brought you to the studio, we have tons of fun and flirty boudoir gift ideas to help you find just the right thing for your special someone. And we’re pretty sure that YOU are going to leave the studio feeling like this was something amazing that you did for yourself πŸ™‚

Boudoir Gift Ideas

When you complete your boudoir photo session at Diamond Moon Boudoir, you will view dozens of gorgeous images and choose the ones you love the most. From there, you can customize your image delivery, depending on what you prefer. Digital image files, luxury hand-bound albums, decadent wall art and fun gift options…YOU can enjoy your images in whatever manner you like, and still choose boudoir gift ideas that suit your partner.

Wall Calendar

A “pinup” style calendar is a fun and flirty option for clients to create a classy or sassy gift for their partner. Our studio works with print labs that can provide standard or “image-centric” options in 8.5×11 to 11×14 presentations. Regardless of how you choose to build YOUR calendar, your images will make the coming year memorable πŸ™‚

Boudoir gift ideas wall calendar

This is an “image centric” example

Retro Viewer

If you’re in my age cohort, you remember the GAF viewer. If not, most people know what we’re talking about. This retro viewer is SO much fun as a boudoir gift idea. Flirty and sassy, the reels allow you to share the images you like, and you can customize the viewer by color and inscription. This one is a VERY popular option.

Boudoir gift ideas retro viewfinder

Smartphone App

Our SmartPhone App is incredibly popular. It organizes the images you choose to purchase as a glorious, easy-to-manage app that allows you to keep those images private on your mobile device. And then, you can share your images with whomever you choose. Lovely!

Polaroid Prints

Another “retro” option for boudoir gift ideas….Polaroid Prints are a WINNER!

I order these prints on Fine Art Paper….super high-end cotton paper that takes ink beautifully. I encourage clients to hide prints in their partner’s pockets, car visors, etc….with a sweet note to cap off their relationship. The batch of images will be delivered in a beautiful gift box, so you can also gift the entire set. You get to decide how you deliver your amazing images πŸ™‚

group of Polaroid Prints

Wall Art

Personally, I LOVE wall art as a boudoir gift idea. Larger scale prints of your favorite portrait hanging on the wall are a gorgeous reminder of what a boss babe you are. Have kids? Why not let them see how strong and confident mom is? OR – keep you images in your private bathroom or walk-in closet. Regular prints, canvas and acrylic wall art are all wonderful options.

body image black and white photo of woman with short hair wearing white shirt and heels
yep – that’s me. I have this 24×36 acrylic print hanging on the wall in my residential studio – along with a companion piece that is 20×24. They serve dual purposes…letting clients see the amazing quality of the print products offer, and reminding me that I clean up okay πŸ™‚

This is just a sample of the goodies you can select from to customize your boudoir image collection. Our studio is decked out with samples so that you can see and feel the quality, and we’re always here to help you select gifts that will knock the socks off even the most discerning recipient.

Print products are supplied by various sources – most in the US. If you have a deadline by which you need your products, be sure to let us know to ensure your selections arrive in time. Lead time of 4-6 weeks is ideal, but if you are in a bit of a time-crunch, ask about our “More To Come” gift box.

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