Boudoir Gallery in Lexington, KY

Choosing the right photography studio for your boudoir photo session doesn’t have to be complicated. It all starts with “seeing yourself” in our work when viewing our boudoir gallery and loving the style and types of photography we offer.

At Diamond Moon Boudoir Studio, we believe that women of every age, color, shape and size should feel that they can do this – and we have experience with all body types and levels of mobility.

Our studio offers a variety of sets and we work with an ever expanding repertoire of poses, that can be modified as needed, so that each of our clients has the opportunity to see dozens of gorgeous images of herself from her own boudoir photography session.

These are our clients – not models. We assisted each one with select outfits that flatter their figure and how to pose to achieve truly breathtaking photos. Below is a small boudoir gallery, selected from recent client sessions.

Just a handful of the incredible images that this gorgeous lady created on the day of her boudoir photography session. We love it when clients really bring their own style to their shoot. Have a vibrant hair color and a bunch of tattoos and piercings? AWESOME!! We love to highlight all of the unique things that make YOU truly beautiful.

Client boudoir photography sessions typically include 5-6 different outfits or “looks”, photographed on a variety of sets. A full assortment of luxury boudoir photography props and accessories are also available to enhance your session, and the resulting boudoir gallery for each client usually includes 60-70 individual images

Ms. T’s Boudoir Images

Just a small selection of the images that we created together to celebrate this beautiful lady’s birthday. Don’t her locks look amazing? I love being able to showcase clients with very distinctive styles.

Ms. B’s Boudoir Images

We loved having this lady in the studio. She was celebrating her birthday (It was actually THE day of her session – so we got her some cake 🙂 and was also using her photo session as part of her grief therapy after unexpectedly losing her son earlier in the year. Her doting spouse came with her to her ordering appointments and loved seeing her light up when she saw her gorgeous photos – and encouraged her to get all of them that she loved.

Clients always surprise themselves at their ordering appointments and fall in love with so many of their images. Most of our clients select 30-50+ of the images they view at their ordering appointment, and we are thrilled when they take their own breath away.

Ms. P in the Studio

This vibrant lady lit up the studio and we had such a great time with her – from wardrobe selection to finished images.

We show our clients around 60-70 images in both color and black and white. Most select a mix, with many choosing collections that deliver both versions of each image as digital files.

Ms. J’s Multiple Sessions

This amazing gal has been in the studio FOUR times to date. She loves using all the prop sand accessories we have and has even returned for our special, holiday-themed set. Every time she is in the studio we see her blossom more and more. Clients who return to the studio deliver one of the highest compliments we could hope for. They keep us innovating and creating new sets and poses, too!

We Love Bridal Boudoir!

We love helping bride’s surprise their future spouse with an album filled with sexy photos. And sometimes they are creating images they did not get to capture for their wedding, for a variety of images. These session always start off with the intention of gifting the images created, but they turn into another big boost for our client.

Our studio has four distinctive sets of Angel Wings and our client ADORE them. Check out just a few of the amazing photos we’ve created, each one with our client rocking the Wings in their own, special way. Can you picture yourself in a set of Angel Wings for your boudoir photo session?

Special Sets for Boudoir Sessions

Personal items help us create special images for your boudoir session and our clients get pretty creative! Check out some special photos below. Do these inspire you to bring a personal touch to your session?

A Simple Shirt

It’s simple and sexy. A plain white shirt or your SO’s favorite. Add a cute set of panties and heels and you have a timeless combination that is sure to please.

If we need to round out your wardrobe, or just because they are fun and flirty. A set with you wrapped in white sheets is classic and flattering for every figure.