Body Love & Your Boudoir Session
girl in pink lingerie standing in front of a window with sheer white curtains

Body Love & Your Boudoir Session

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girl in pink lingerie standing in front of a window with sheer white curtains

Body image. We all struggle with it. Every woman I’ve ever talked with, regardless of how incredible they may look to others, has issues with certain parts of their body. Something they wish were smaller, bigger, more “in shape,” less droopy, less poochy, more…anything! 

No matter what you feel the “ideal” is, there are so many women who look in the mirror and truly dislike what they see. As women, we are constantly comparing ourselves to what we see on TV, in magazines, and in movies. You know exactly what I’m talking about. 


You see a model in a magazine wearing a super cute piece of clothing (for this boudoir blog, let’s just say it’s lingerie..because, obviously…) and you think to yourself “Wow! She can really pull that off.” And a second later, you think “I can’t.” The media is constantly throwing at us their idea of perfection and I’m here to tell you – it’s a load of crap! 



I’ve done another blog post about editing (you can read it here) and honestly, these two topics are really closely related. My job as your boudoir photographer is to make you feel the most sexy, confident and seriously ass-kicking version of yourself possible, all while having a blast. I’m capturing a moment in time for you when you are stepping outside your comfort zone and really getting in touch with your inner goddess.

girl in green lingerie sitting on white rug leaning on blue sofa

Boudoir is a very intimate session.

Getting in front of the camera with close to nothing on can be a little intimidating. Add to that, trying to convey a sense of sexy to the camera. It’s not your “normal”. I get it.. 

A successful boudoir session begins with loving yourself.

Embracing your true beauty is the first step in all of this. When you look in the mirror, focus on the things that you love about you and stand confidently, embracing your strengths. (Every session, I ask my client what she/her partner loves about their body. They ALWAYS have something – multiple things! That is your focus. Your beauty and your strength.) DON’T obsess on the things you see as imperfections (we all have those!)  

boudoir photography girl in red bra laying on white sheets with her eyes closed

A great practice is to do this every morning. Stand in front of the mirror each morning and affirm how completely gorgeous and powerful you truly are. 

We, women, have a tendency to only focus on what needs improving, what we don’t like, or why we can’t look like that one Instagram model. (who probably edited her images a LOT) 

Focus on the stuff you love. This not only starts your day in a positive way, but it improves your view of yourself and helps your self-confidence. 

What’s your why?

Think about it – Why are you doing this photo shoot? What made your say “I want to book a boudoir session”? 

There is always a why. 

Are you doing this session for yourself or for your significant other? While a gift for someone else is a fantastic reason for your session, boudoir is about loving and celebrating yourself. There is a reason to celebrate you right now. Your age, your weight and the shape of your body do NOT matter…right now.

Take a minute and look at your life. 

Think about why you are ready to celebrate you.

So, maybe it’s no secret…I have things I want to change about my body. At 55, I have a relatively thin figure, but there are times when I don’t follow my own advice and I look in the mirror, thinking about the things I want to change. My previously toned bod is relenting to the reality of age and gravity. 

I try to remind myself to stay positive, and to celebrate the body that has carried me through my life, but I’m not perfect and neither are you. Please, don’t dismiss yourself or buy into it if you catch yourself “hating” on your body. We all do it, and we will continue to do it; that’s part of being human. 

But there is a reason you are reading this. There is a reason you want to experience a boudoir session. I have clients that are in the middle of their weight loss goal. Yes, you read that right, they are in the middle of their weight loss journey. They have lost some weight and are ready to celebrate how far they have come. Other women are going through divorces or another relationship breakup, and they are ready to re-discover themselves and enter a new chapter of their lives. Then, of course, I have plenty of women who are doing this for their significant other. But in the end, each woman discovers a lot about themselves in the process.

Why not celebrate you at this moment in time?

At any and every moment in your journey through life, you are perfect. Regardless of what the media says, you do not have to have a perfect body (news flash…no such thing!) to do a boudoir session, you just need to be you!

Feeling nervous, self-conscious, or anxious is completely normal. Every woman that has walked through my studio doors has felt nervous about doing their boudoir session. You will too. 

I try my best to calm your nerves and I have a few tips to help you out. But… I’m pretty sure that you will still feel nervous.

woman in black lingerie on wood floor

Here are a some things I can tell you about a Boudoir Experience with me:

I’m not really looking at your body. Stay with me here. Yes, I am looking at your body in a technical sense – checking your pose to make sure you will look your best, checking the light and how it is hitting your curves – but I am not looking at your body and judging you.

I’m a little nervous, too! I want to make sure I am getting all the best angles that make you look and feel amazing.

What you wear will make a difference. Honestly, this little tip can be for a boudoir session, as well as everyday life. Wear something that fits perfectly. Don’t focus on the size on the label – focus on how it fits your body. Wearing something – whether it’s jeans, a shirt, or even lingerie – that is a size or two too small will actually make you look 5-10 pounds heavier. But wearing something that fits perfectly, will make you look amazing, and feel amazing. Check out Dressing for Your Body Type.

Don’t worry about hair and makeup! We’ve got that covered.

I am SO ready for this. I’ve trained for hours, been to boudoir conferences and workshops, and have done hundreds of hours of online training and in-studio shooting to make sure that your experience will be amazing.

We’re going to have fun!

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