Post Photo Shoot: Can You Edit That Out?

boudoir retouching girl with blue hair wrapped in white sheet

A question I get all the time is “How much do you edit?” The answer is, “as little as possible”. Boudoir retouching is an art that is an extension of boudoir photography, so read on to learn what you can expect when you work with my studio

Lighting, composition, exposure, focus…the goal of a professional photographer is to get as close to your desired end result as you can, in your camera. With over a decade of practice, I’ve mastered this. Why? Because getting it right in my camera is a whole lot easier than fixing images. So when I take a little extra time to fix a hemline, move a piece of flyaway hair or have you check your lipstick, I hope that you’ll understand.

Knowing how to use editing tools often begs the question from my clients of how much editing I will do to their images. More specifically, I get asked how I can help them to hide parts of their bodies they don’t love with Photoshop.

“I have a bit of a belly”, “My thighs are thick, and I don’t love that”, “My butt is non-existent”, “Can you give me bigger boobs, or do I need to wear a push up bra?”, “How far out can I schedule so I have time to lose those last few pounds?” “Can you Photoshop that?”

My answer is always the same and since I’m only going to say this once, perhaps you should say it with me. You. Are. Beautiful. The. Way. You. Are. But, if you want a longer, more detailed version of my answer, here it is:

As a skilled photographer, I’m going to help you look and feel amazing by ensuring you are wearing outfits that flatter your body type. I’m going to pose you in ways that will accentuate your best features, and from angles that are going to make your jaw drop when you see your photos. 

boudoir retouching girl with natural curly hair in purple lingerie

Will I fix a blemish or bruise that just showed up? Yes. Will I smooth out skin tone and help you look as if you just had the best night’s sleep of your life? I will.

But I’m not going to change your body, to make you look smaller or bigger or like something you are not. What I WILL do is to help you see yourself in all of your awesomeness. The images we take together are strictly to document the way you feel while you are in my studio. These images should remind you of the amazing, fierce, strong woman you hide behind clothes and jewelry.

Yes, we will take images that show your {insert body part here that you judge too harshly}, but here’s the thing – when you leave my studio, those parts of your body will still be there, exactly as they were before you arrived. I’m going to help you get comfortable with your body – all of it! That’s so much more fun, empowering and sustainable that sending you away with images that show you a modified version that hides the REAL you.

You know what’s a big no-no in boudoir photography? Toxic comparison. Showing you images that are altered feeds into that. It eats away at confidence. It destroys self-love. You are an amazing woman. You have survived and thrived in your life, and your body has carried you through every step. 

Love her. Treat her right. And guess what, the first step in that is recognizing and accepting her beauty. Telling her: You are lovely. You are perfect. You are enough.

boudoir retouching girl with lavender hair in grey shirt

Ready to find your inner peace? Get in touch and let’s schedule your luxury boudoir experience. It’s an incredible adventure, and truly worth the investment.

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