6 Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session!

Your session is booked! YES!!
Now what?

I’m sure you are feeling a ton of emotions right about now: excited, nervous, ready/unready, freaked out, but most of all – you should feel accomplished!

You took that BIG first step, and now I’m here to help you make the most of it. Your boudoir session is an investment, so you want to make sure you put some time into prepping before your session to ensure you maximize your experience. 

1. Drink more water!

You’ve heard it a million times – more water = glowing skin. And well, that’s right! Besides giving you more energy, it will make your skin absolutely gorgeous and help to flush out toxins.  I know water is such a basic thing, but try jazzing it up with some lemon in an environmentally friendly bottle that you can refill throughout the day. If you are like me, you need a reminder to keep that hydration going, and guess what? There are some pretty amazing apps out there to do just that. You can check some of them out HERE.  

My favorite morning starter is to squeeze half a lemon into a 16 oz glass of water and heat it for about 60 seconds in the microwave. Drinking that first thing in the morning wakes up your organs and flushes your system.

2. Exfoliate!

A week or two before your session is a great time to start regularly exfoliating, well, everything. Your face and your body. You can invest in basic or luxury items, or you can  use simple solutions that you already have in your home. Check this out for some guidance on exfoliating. (A dear friend turned me on to using the sugar packets you can pick up at restaurants and diners. Genius!)

Remember that your feet are going to be in your photos – so be sure to take care of dry, cracked heels. I use Okeefe’s Healthy Feet. You can check it out HERE.

And do NOT forget your lips. Most of the focus of your photo shoot will be on your gorgeous face, so soft, smooth lips are a must! tart exfoliating in the shower, and follow up with luxurious lip treatments to keep them hydrated and looking their best. HERE are some great options to check out.

3. Moisturize!

Start lotioning up regularly before your session. This is a natural next step after exfoliating, too.  Trust me – dry, scaly skin will show up in your images, and no one wants that. If you want to wax, go ahead, but make sure you give yourself at least a week ahead of time to make sure you don’t have any redness or bumps. We are all about that smooth glowy skin and workin’ it!

I use a body oil in the shower and love the soft, velvety feeling it creates on my skin. LEARN MORE here.

On a final note for skin care


I’ll say it again.


It doesn’t photograph well and looking like an oompa loompa isn’t cute. Plus, you’ll stain my gorgeous set fabrics and I’ll have to charge you for that. Just. Don’t.

4. Strengthen and stretch!

I’m going to be putting you in poses with your back arched, your arms holding you up, and your body curved in ways that are flattering to the camera. But this is stuff you don’t do every day. I recommend that you start building up your arm strength and stretching your whole body at least two weeks before your session. Planking is an amazing way to condition your entire body in relatively short doses. Just do a Google search on “Why should I plank?” or check THIS out. There are also tons of apps to help you build up in your planking practice. 

And stretching…if you don’t currently stretch your body on a daily basis, HERE are some great resources. You’ll thank me later!

If you start both these practices as soon as you book your session, you’ll also realize some amazing benefits to tone and overall vitality!

5. Beauty Rest!

Yes, it’s a thing. You need it, you deserve it, and you WILL notice the difference when you get enough. If you don’t generally get a good night’s sleep, or feel you are a “troubled” sleeper, start working on that NOW!  HERE is a great article with some amazing tips.

On a personal note, I used to label myself as “sleep challenged”. Changing that mind-set was one step in the right direction. In addition, I have kept my furr babies out of the bedroom, eliminated a TV, and ensured my sleep environment is solely focused on just that. Over the past couple years my quality of sleep has VASTLY improved. I average around 9 hours of sleep a night. I know, right? But I can TOTALLY tell just by looking in the mirror if I have had a less than optimal night’s sleep

6. Include your squad!

Add your female friends to our VIP Facebook group – Diamond Girl Power.

Together we can share your pre-session journey, and if it’s cool, I can give everyone a sneak peek at your image reveal. ???? Seriously, it is an amazing way to soak up the support and positivity, before and after your photo session.

You’re going to get plenty of guidance from me leading up to your photo session. Your inbox will be ripe with reminders for all the things you can do to be totally ready to rock your photo shoot. But the MOST important thing for your to remember is…



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