25 Amazing Boudoir Styling Ideas

Does picking outfits for a boudoir photo session dial up your anxiety? Girl, we’ve got you!
At Diamond Moon Boudoir, we work with our clients to find the perfect outfits for their boudoir photo session, and we even have a full lingerie boutique IN THE STUDIO where you can shop and select outfits for your shoot. But if you are looking for expert guidance in advance of booking, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll down to see our top 25 amazing boudoir styling ideas – for every body!

  1. BOOTS – Boots are the sexy step-sister to heels. So fun and so playful! You can wear them with a dress or lingerie. Sexy poses with boots include pulling them on (like you’re getting ready to go out) or they can just be an edgy was to accessorize your images. Western boots for are fun, too!

2. BRIDAL – Congrats on your wedding! A lot of people thing bridal boudoir pictures means your veil is the focal point. Not true! There are so many different pieces you can wear for boudoir styling to get the bridal look without any of the cheesiness.

Bridal boudoir girl in lavender gown and veil

3. GARTER – The garter is the perfect accessory to match with your bridal lingerie. They are going to be slipping it off with their teeth come wedding day, so it’s a playful hint of what’s to come!

bridal boudoir girl in white lingerie with gater and veil

4. BUTTON UP SHIRT – This is one of my favorites! It’s so versatile. The button up shirt has a feel of waking up late on a Sunday and tossing on a favorite shirt of your partner’s. It can be tame all the way buttoned up or spicy pulling it open, taking it off, or letting it lay so it just barely covers you.

brunette woman wearing blue lingerie and white button up shirt

5. FORMAL WEAR – I love to start a photo shoot in a cocktail dress or other formal wear because it can tell a story of the first part of a date with a special someone. When the page turns and you are unzipping or sliding it off – it’s a beautiful suggestion of what we can expect in the next pages! It’s also a great way to ease into a shoot if the idea of shooting in lingerie still intimidates you. (which can be the case!)

woman with blonde hair wearing tuxedo jacket and pearls

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